3 Essential Features of a Quality GED Program

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Many GED students have struggled to get the program that fits them. For some reason, the normal everyday teaching is just not working. Sitting in class listening to the teacher teach everyone the same thing while she writes on the chalkboard is just not working. Let’s face it, this was the same approach that gave us problems while we were in elementary school and high school. So why would it work now? When we asked our students what they wanted in a GED program, their responses were direct and clear. They wanted flexibility and being engaged in their learning. They wanted training that resembles the actual GED exam. These features are the hallmarks of our GED program.


Our GED program recognizes that you are unique. We do not all learn at the same pace and in the same way. Therefore, our program gives you the flexibility to concentrate on one subject at a time. Or you can decide to do all four subjects. We recognize that you may have a tight schedule. Therefore, our GED program allows you to study at anytime… in the morning, in the afternoon, late at night, you can log in and get your lessons done. In addition, we recognize that education can be costly. Therefore, our program gives you the flexibility in controling the total cost of your GED preparation.


Getting to you goal of attaining your high school diploma occurs when you remain engaged in your lessons. We accomplish this by continously interacting with our students and providing them with continuous guidance. The guidance that you recieve from your teacher is specific to you- addressing your unique concerns. In addition, our instructors keep you engaged with interactive learning games that are specifically designed to provide you with practice in important GED skills in a fun way.

Real Exam Practice

All of our practice materials are designed to imitate the actual GED exams. The hallmark of our program is the computer based assignments that accompany every lesson. Students no longer take the actual GED exam by using paper and pencil. Therefore, any student who wants a real feel for the actual exam before entering the exam room must learn and master answering computer based questions. They must undersand how to drag and drop in answering questions. They must mastering typing on the keyboard in order to answer their essay. They must know how to access and use the online calculator and formula sheet during the exam. Our students are exposed to these areas of practice everytime they log into our online lessons.

These ideas form the pillars of a successful GED program. These are the ideas that have formed the basis of our GED program over the years and have allowed our students to flexibly meet their highest potential. Their aspirations for higher education have been realized as we remain committed to providing them with the best learning experience possible.

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