Education journey: a fascinating and rewarding experience



Education, like most other things in life, is a journey. In that sense, the objectives, while they might be important are not the entire essence of the activity. A journey involves the movement from one area to another. The journey may involve misdirection or areas of elevated and lowered emotions. But all of the micro-activities along the way contribute to the final destination. The pitfalls are a learning experience. The bumps along the road teach you to be prepared for the unexpected.


If education is considered to be a journey, the same can apply. While you embark on your educational journey, there will be drivers/ teachers who may give you a bumpy ride. But the that bumpy ride in itself may toughen you. You may come to the realization that the educational journey is not always smooth. However, you learn to cope. You learn to adjust and make preparations for the unexpected.The road is filled with corners but it allows you to appreciate the straight ones and presents a new dimension that prevents boredom.


If education is considered to be a journey, then when you begin, you should consider it as an exciting one. The initial mindset that you create is key. It is new. It is an experience that you have never been on before. So you should appreciated it and pay attention to every detail. You should become highly sensitive to all that is around you- your senses absorbing every bit of the experience. This adds to the satisfaction that you gather at the end. It is no longer simply about the destination but the experience involved in getting to that destination.


There are numerous vehicles and roads that can take you to the same place. Likewise, there are numerous educational programs and pathways that you can take to achieve the same educational objective. Initially you may choose one that got you lost. You disembarked and caught another one. Hopefully it gets you to your destination. But through it all appreciate the experience of the journey.


Appreciate the educational journey. You will find it to be a fascinating and rewarding experience.