Online class miles ahead of physical classes.

online class

In an age of technology where we check our smart phones every few minutes, it is strange to hear students worry about taking an online class. These classes have provided a cheaper way of bringing quality education to all students. The combination of great content with interactive practice sessions makes online classes miles ahead of the static physical classroom. Our GED program does this. By providing quality lessons combined with an accredited certification exam, this might just be the best way to prepare for the GED exams. The advantages are tremendous.


Short lessons

An online class can be more effective than a physical class. In a physical class, class time usually range well beyond the attention span of most student. Generally speaking, you may need to remain focused for 45 min, an hour, an hour and a half or even more. Even the most dedicated student can find this difficult. Conversely, web-based classes usually provide their lessons in short video segments. Usually, good online lessons keep their video presentations under 10 minutes. This is well within the student’s attention span and can produce tremendous learning outcomes.


Online practice exercises

An online class, because of its nature, will include interactive practice lessons. Our online GED lessons, for example, provides exam style questions after each lesson. You receive feedback immediately. You do not have to wait for the teacher to get to you. The feedback is immediate. Your score is used to identify your weak areas before you move on. There is also an added advantage. No books are needed!


Individualized learning

An online class allows you to move at your own pace. These classes are the ultimate individualized learning platforms. It is like having your own personal tutor. In the typical physical classroom, the teacher moves on based on his own perceptions. He might believe that the majority of the class understands. However, your online class by providing you with timely feedback allows you to take your time on areas that you struggle with. In addition, you can move on to more challenging areas and skip content that you already know. You control the pace at which you go!

Take advantage of a cheaper more effective option.

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