The best Math book for FBE Math exam preparation: Review of “Mathematics: FBE Exit Exam Preparation: Workbook”

The perennial struggle in mathematics can usually be traced back to how a student did in mathematics at primary school. At this stage of education, students are expected to master basic mathematical concepts which will provide a solid foundation that high school mathematics can build upon.  Any problems at this stage will carry over into high school and generally lead to loss of mathematical confidence. Mathematics: FBE Exit Exam Preparation workbook by Delroy Pierre does an excellent job in providing the student with that solid foundation upon which further mathematics can be built.

FBE math

Students learn by doing

This philosophy is a concept that dominates the book. There are over 1700 practice problems in the book. As students are encouraged to do, their confidence builds and they become more comfortable in working out problems, identifying errors and checking their work. The book provides short steps and example problems, usually no longer than two pages before providing a trove of problems for the student to practice. The problems generally get progressively more difficult. This allows the students to practice basic steps before applying these same steps to more complicated problems.

Students learn when they are organized.

The book is structured in a workbook format. This is important because it allows the student to write their work in it. No longer does the student need to depend on a disorganized notebook or use practice papers that tend to get lost. As the student progresses through the book, they can always turn back to see how they had handled similar problems earlier in the book.

Students understand mathematics when they solve problems.

Problem-solving is tied to all drills presented in the book. For example, student are taught how to add and subtract whole numbers, then presented with steps and practice word problems that use addition and subtraction. This recurs throughout the book. When ratios and proportion are presented, word problems are there (4 pages); when multiplication and division of fractions are done, word problems are there (3 pages). The word problems are also used to review the concepts taught in earlier sections of the book.

Students are relaxed when they have done practice exams.

For students who will be taking FBE math exams, the book provides practice exams that are very similar to the actual exams. There are four simulated exams, with the final one consisting of a paper 1 and paper 2. This provides the student with a feel for the actual exam and therefore reduces their anxiety.

How can you get this book?

The book is available at all major online book sources such as Amazon, Lulu and Barnes and Noble. You can also ask your local bookstore to get it for you if they do not have it in stock.