GED Success Stories

Over the years, we have made our student's success our #1 priority. See what they have to say about our tutorials and what they have accomplished with GED diploma.


GED Success through Adversity

I can hardly express how thankful I am for this opportunity you've given me. I've wanted to receive my high school diploma for a very long time. Previously, I was a HAVO student in Milton Peters College, but I ended up having to drop out due to visual impairment. My eyesight was compromised and I had to receive major surgeries in Colombia as well as the Netherlands, one of which was unsuccessful in the former country. In my eyes, I haven't accomplished much ever since I left high school, but I really wish to change that. Receiving my diploma from the GED program would not only serve to create many more opportunities for me, it would greatly boost my self esteem as well as expand the scope of my knowledge. I've had a great time learning many of the things I missed, and thanks to you at the CLIMB Foundation, I can and will continue to do so.” - Dmory Flanders

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GED Success to continue your studies

O’Shaden is a true example that dedication, consistency, and hard work can break down boundaries and lead to success. O’Shaden was highly focused on his work and completed his GED in just 3 months. It is important to note that O’Shaden had an extremely positive and supportive family system that encouraged him from the start to the end. O’Shaden is now headed after his next big dream, to study Information Technology (IT).


GED Success from France

"Hi, my name is Aaliyah and I have recently passed my GED. Even though I live in France, I was able to complete the program thanks to Dr. Boston, Dr. Pierre, and the CLIMB Foundation. My goal now after getting my diploma is to continue my journey as an independent author." -Aaliyah Miller


Success Continues

"I did my GED in 2023 with Yadira Boston and Delroy Pierre. After I didn't pass Milton Peters College, I felt discouraged and unmotivated to continue school.
But when I did my GED I gained back my confidence and started back to work hard, my goal was to finish in 4 months and I reached my goal in passing within 4 months.
Dr. Boston and Dr. Pierre were very helpful and supportive by always being available whenever you need any help, and now im applying for college in the Netherlands. If i can do it you can do it also never give up." - Kiyon Hodge

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Success in Education

"I did my GED in 2013 with Yadira Boston and Delroy Pierre. Since then I have earned a Bachelor's Degree in Education. Today, I am an elementary school teacher. " - Geradine

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Success in Sales and Marketing

"I did my GED in 2017 with Yadira Boston and Delroy Pierre. Since then I am currently studying Business Management to earn my Bachelors Degree. Today, I am employed at the Rainforest Adventure Park as the Sales & Marketing Supervisor, and if I can do it so can you." - Miktorya


Success in Sales Support

"I did my GED in 2016 with Yadira Boston and Delroy Pierre. Today, I am a Sales Support Administrator at the number one telecommunications company in St. Maarten- Flow.

Mr. Pierre was no stranger because he was my high school science instructor - an amazing teacher with a lot of patience and meeting Mrs. Boston was the icing on the cake.  You can see she truly cares about her students. She would explain over and over until we got it right.

My teachers don’t just teach they prepare us for the road ahead." - Nyoka


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Success in Nursing

"I did my GED in 2009 with Yadira Boston and Delroy Pierre. Since then I have earned my License Practical Nurse diploma and today I have been a nurse for eight years.

I have worked at the White and Yellow Cross, Holistic Health Care clinic as well as Sint Maarten Medical center. Achieving my GED with the proper guidance of my tutors Mr Pierre and Ms Boston opened doors for me that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. As I continue my educational journey I will forever remain grateful for their patience and time dedicated to getting me where I am today" - Davina


Success in Software Development

"I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Yadira Boston and Delroy Pierre as my GED exam instructors. Thanks to their expert guidance and commitment to my success I was able to pass the GED exams and go on to earn a bachelor's degree from Florida State University. Today, I am proud to work as an engineering leader at software companies like and For that, I have these two outstanding educators to thank. I will forever be grateful for their contributions to my education and professional journey". - Jose 

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