How GEDsxm quietly improved Adult Education in St. Maarten

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There is no question that the education system of St. Maarten is grossly failing the average student. This has led to the introduction of schools that allows the more affluent citizens to send their children while the majority of the population awaits for a fix. GEDsxm has recognized that every day, week or year spent awaiting a fix in the education system leads to a tremendous loss of brain power and human value.

Consequently, in 2004 two teachers who are familiar with St. Maarten’s unique situation came together to form GEDsxm. The main goal of this organization has been and continues to be providing quality education with world wide accreditation to all students. Not just a printed certificate but one that is transferable in this age of globalization. Devoid of politics, experiential blindness, and interference from non-educational sources, we were quickly able to design a program that was unique for the needs of the typical St. Maarten student- strengthening student’s weakness and providing efficient instruction while using modern tools such as Youtube, Facebook, and Whatsapp.

The result? A large amount of students who gain confidence in themselves and pass the GED exam by utilizing knowledge instead of simply practicing for an exam. A group of students who are able to apply for scholarships and transition to higher education to fulfill the dream that their previous education system sub-consciously told them was unattainable. This result remains true as GEDsxm continues to stick to its core values of treating students as the valuable products that they are while continuing to hold quality education in the highest regard.

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