Why I loved my online class

online class


As an adult learner who has to balance work, family and classes, I found taking online classes to be convenient , easy and more practical. Initially, I was skeptical- afraid of this new platform in education. However, I realized that in this technological age where the cellphone is almost like an eleventh finger, online classes offers the most bang for my buck.


Online classes are convenient

When I registered for my online class, I quickly realized that I don’t need to be in class at a certain hour. I had┬áthe flexibility of maintaining my work and family schedule. I simply moved my online class to my leisure hours such as late in the night or on weekends. No longer was there any hustle of going to class or missing a class. I practiced in my own time.


Online classes are easy

A typical class may involve a teacher laboriously explain material for hours on end. You are passive. You might have missed the last sentence because you drifted off into a daydream. With an online class, most online instructors limit their video presentation to short, straight to the point discussions. Most last for a maximum of about 10 minutes. Then you are given some assignment to practice. This makes you more engaged. You can go back and review the explanation. You can pause and take note. Or may not take any notes at all and simply watch the presentation over and over again until it becomes second nature.


Online classes are more practical

Computers are everywhere. Computer testing is becoming more prevalent. The GED exam is not a computer based exam. Therefore, if you are going to take your exam on a computer, wouldn’t the logical step be to practice on a computer? Online learning gives you that computer training. It makes you more comfortable with the very tool that you will be using to take your exam. In addition, it allows test developers┬áto issue your grade more rapidly since in most cases, the computer does the grading.


While some students are initially apprehensive to taking online classes, these classes present the most practical solution for the adult learner. In the majority of classes, the initial fear is quickly overcome as they go through the experience. They find online learning rewarding, fulfilling and engaging.