Our secrets to passing the GED Now

GEDsxm has guided hundreds of St. Maarten students towards getting their GED diploma and improving their lives. As we look forward towards the new exams, we have had a flood of students who need to pass the exams NOW.

Here are our secrets for passing the GED exam now:

  1. Sign up for online classes NOW. The average student takes about 3 months to get prepared for all the GED subjects. In fact, that was the time frame that we used in classroom preparation. Students would get prepared for science and social studies in 6 weeks whereas mathematics and English reading and writing would take longer depending on the student’s ability. But these classroom classes were only twice a week for one and a half hours. This brings us to our second secret.
  2. Practice everyday. Since you are pressed for time you need to maximize your preparation. Remember that the new exam goes into effect on May 1st.That’s the beauty of an online class. You can practice science for example and be ready to take the exam in a week or two. The amount of time that your practice is totally dependent on you.
  3. Schedule your exams one at a time. GED allows you to take one subject at a time. So why not use this to your advantage? No longer do you have go through the stress of doing multiple exams in one day. As you get through your preparation, you can schedule your exam once you are finished studying that subject.

If you follow these steps, you are guaranteed to have your GED diploma in your hand in a short time.