VSBO students: A path towards higher education.

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I have spent over 15 years educating VSBO (PSVE) students and the fact is that the system is doing exactly what it is supposed to do- prepare students for secondary vocational education. Unfortunately, when the students are prepared, there is a lack of quality options available for these students. Options that can allow them to become global citizens. Options that can develop their ability to generate their own employment.

But there is a path to success! This is not widely known and exploited but can be seen in the relationships that the Ministry of Education have developed. If you visit the study financing website or PTI or TCC, you will notice something that is glaring.

Your path towards higher education requires you to complete your GED. Your basic skills in Mathematics and English need to be at least at American high school 11th grade level. There is no avoiding this.

This is where GEDsxm comes in. If your dream is to enter a community college in the US to become a cook, web-designer, draftsman, electrical engineer, etc, GEDsxm is your starting line. We understand the VSBO system and the American college system. Therefore, we are able to bridge your educational gap.

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