Why you should NOT wait to get your GED

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So you are considering getting a high school diploma that can take you places but you don’t have the time. You are waiting because you just got that new job. Or you do not yet have the money.


While these excuses may make sense they are not enough in preventing you from moving your life forward. How long can you last in that job if you do not have the proper qualifications? How long will minimum wage be able to support you?


You need to make the move. The GED exams will change in May 2017 and will become more challenging. The exam will more closely mirror the SAT. Therefore, this is your best time to take the exam before the changes occur.


GEDsxm offers you numerous options to get you there. From providing exams every Friday to allowing you to take one class at a time, we are flexible enough to allow you to get to your goal. This means that you can take one exam at a time. You can take exams without taking classes. You can even talk to us to see if we can design an option specific to your needs.


So what’s your excuse? There is none. Get your GED and move on with your life.

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